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Legacy Society/Gifts

Healing Hearts & Homes
Children’s Home of York was founded in 1865 when area civic leaders united to care for local children left homeless in the aftermath of the Civil War. For generations, “the Home” was simply an orphanage – a haven to thousands of children experiencing difficult times. Obviously a lot has changed since our foundation, yet for all our social and economic advancements, some things remain the same. Children still experience personal trauma, family problems, abuse and neglect, and Children’s Home of York is still a civically-driven community leader with an unwavering commitment to providing support for children in their time of need.

About the Children’s Legacy Society
Named for children served by the Children’s Home of York, the Children’s Legacy Society was created to recognize those individuals whose estate planning includes a gift to Children’s Home of York. Often called the ultimate gift, because it is accomplished after an individual’s lifetime, a bequest ensures that the donor’s wishes are carried out to make a gift which will benefit future children in need, served by Children’s Home of York.

The Children’s Legacy Society provides a unique opportunity for you to partner with Children’s home of York during your lifetime and to plan for the future at the same time. Joining the Children’s Legacy Society is as simple as completing a non-binding membership form.

Leaving a Legacy
Leaving a Legacy enables you to maximize the benefits of philanthropy, while completing your financial and estate planning. Recognizing that different people have different financial and estate planning needs, Children’s Home of York will work with you and your advisors to help develop the best plan for you.

Bequests may be created by will or by revocable and irrevocable trusts and may be designated in a number of ways. They may be funded by a specific amount of money, a percentage of your estate or a particular asset, such as stocks or real estate. The Children’s Home of York may be named as the recipient of all or part of your estate, or as a contingent beneficiary in the event beneficiaries do not outlive you.

Statement of Intent Form
If you have made or commit to making a provision for a gift through your estate plan to Children’s Home of York, we thank you for your generosity. Please download and complete our statement of intent form and return it to:

Children’s Home of York
77 Shoe House Road
York, Pennsylvania 17406
fax: (717) 755-9993

Click here to download the Statement of Intent form.