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Post Adoption Services

All of us need help at one time or another. Adoptive families are no different. Sometimes that support comes from professionals in the medical or adoption community such as doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and therapeutic support staff. Many times, just talking to or meeting with other adoptive parents who have had similar experiences may be helpful.

We offer post adoption services at no charge.
You are eligible if you…
live in Pennsylvania and your child was:
   • adopted from foster care
   • adopted privately
   • a formal kinship family 
   • a child’s permanent legal custodian

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We can assist you with…
  • mental health services
  • educational services
  • birth parent conflict resolution (Act 101 Mediation)
  • foster care and adoption sensitive services
  • Support Groups – a chance to meet other families like yours
  • Respite – planned opportunities to help strengthen and support your family

for more information or referrals:
77 Shoe House Road,
York, PA 17406 

845 West Chester Pike, Suite 202
West Chester, PA 19382