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Transportation Aide

POSITION: Transportation Aide


Develops, maintains, and communicates monthly transportation calendar.

  • Keeps schedule/desk calendar posted in the office and updated with scheduled transports, vacation, etc.
  • Promptly responds to transportation requests by all staff
  • Keeps physical and dental forms for children on hand for the medical providers who serve the clients who are transported
  • Works cooperatively with all staff to meet the needs of the program and clients we serve

Provides transportation and supervision of clients as requested.

  • Is available 24/7 to assist with all transportation requests
  • Provides transportation for clients to all areas of the state and beyond
  • Uses creative strategies to coordinate transportation for multiple clients at the same time
  • Fosters and maintains positive relationships with medical and dental providers, school personnel other professionals, as well as the clients we serve and their families.
  • Assists with supervision of family visits as assigned

Prepare and complete required reports and documentation as well as perform other required administrative tasks assigned.

  • Maintains vehicle inspection logs
  • Records all transports and mileage on the vehicle logs located in each vehicle
  • Ensures that all fleet vehicles are stocked with mileage/travel logs, first aid kits, fire extinguishers,
  • Insurance cards, vehicle registration cards, and fuel cards
  • Performs monthly vehicle maintenance checks for fluid levels, interior and exterior lights, and other safety matters and sends reports to the Agency Maintenance Manager for correction

Maintains safe use of Agency vehicles including staff training.

  • Completes safe driving training annually
  • Provides Permanency Program driving orientation to new program staff
  • Assists with maintaining cleanliness of fleet vehicles inside and outside of the vehicles
  • Reports all vehicle safety-related matters immediately to the Agency Maintenance Manager
  • Ensures that all clients are securely fastened in the proper child safety restraint and that seat belts are used during all transports
  • Follows all posted speed limits and road signs at all times

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